Photo by Jorge Anaya
Lima, 1982


2015 Private lessons of baroque cello and Italian baroque repertory with Eva Sola. Cremona-Italy.

2014 Workshop about software ppooll for electronic music by austrian musician Klaus Filip,Espacio Fundación Telefónica. Lima-Peru.

2011 Observer cello lessons at Lyon Conservatoire. Lyon-France. Private cello lesson with Ramón Rivera, Suzuki Institut. Lyon-France.

2010 Admitted to Conservatorio Itinerante de los Caminos del Barroco. Cello student during “Cumbre Latinoamericana de Música Barroca”. Lima-Peru.

         Cello student during XXIVéme Festival International de Musique de Sarrebourg (2011). Sarrebourg-France.

         Cello student during XXIIIéme Festival International de Musique de Sarrebourg (2010). Sarrebourg-France.

2006-2011 Training in cello teaching in successive editions of Festival Internacional Suzuki de Lima. Lima-Peru.

2009 Workshop about repairing string instruments by Daniel Prier (USA). Lima-Peru.2007 Workshop about electroacoustic composition by Manuel Rocha                (México). Lima-Peru.

2004-2006 Scholarship recipient at Conservatorio Itinerante de los Países Andinos, lessons with masters from the Academia Latinoamericana de Violoncello                     de Caracas. Lima-Peru.

2003 Masterclass with Patricio Barría at Facultad de Artes of Universidad de Chile. Santiago- Chile.

2003 Admitted to the Conservatorio Nacional de Lima, higher section, remains just one year.

2001-2004 Cello student in successive editions of “Festival Internacional Suzuki de Lima”. Lima-Peru.

2000-2004 Began private cello lessons with Annika Petrozzi and music theory with José Sosaya. Lima-Peru.

1998-2000 Classical guitar private lessons with Óscar Zamora.Lima-Peru.
1993-1995 During childhood, private piano lessons. Member of the choir “Musicreciendo”

                  and Bela Bártok Conservatory Choir. Lima-Peru.



2011 Fondation Paribas scholarship to participate at XXIVéme Festival de Musique

         de Sarrebourg, France.

2010 Fondation Paribas scholarship to participate at XXIIIéme Festival de Musique de Sarrebourg, France.

2010 Asociación Franco-Peruana scolarship for to participate in Cumbre Latinoamericana de Música Barroca, Lima-Peru.

2009 USA Embassy scholarship for workshop repairing string instruments with luthier D.Prier. Universidad Católica. Lima-Peru.

2006-2011 International Suzuki Associations of America scholarship and Asociación Suzuki del Perú scholarship to participate as trainer student in                                   successive Suzuki Lima Festivals.

2004-2006 CAF Corporación Andina de Fomento scholarship for to participate as student at Conservatorio Itinerante de los Países Andinos. Lima-Peru.

                  Artist in Residence and Self Managed
2016 Pachacámac, Lima. Two months at country side house for prepair the Violonchelo Solo recording project. Self funded.

2015 Kleylehof, Vienna. Two weeks residence at Reheat Festival, invited by Klaus Filip from University of Applied Arts Vienna.

2013 Rumira, Ollantaytambo, Cusco. Nine months in countryside house for research and compose the Violonchelo Solo Project. Funded by patronage.

2007 Máncora, Piura. Three months at Lorenzo Ferreyros beach atelier to compose the musical fable "Martín en la Ciudad Dormida". Self funded.



2020 composer of the music for the film "Bruma", lead by José Balado, produced by DocuPeru, Lima.

2020 composer of the music for short film "La Distancia del Tiempo", lead by Carlos Ormeño Palma, produced by La Mula, Lima.

2019 composer of the music for the documentary "Nipples To The Sky"  lead by Lucy Hayes, produced by PNG Films in London UK. 

2019 composer of  the music "Suite Hedda" for cello ensamble, commissioned work to "Hedda" theater play, lead by Vanessa Vizcarra and produced by Teatro Británico. Lima.

2019 composer of the suite to choir and string orchestra for exhibition "Indios antropófagos" of the artist Christian Bendayán for the 58 International Venice Biennale, Italy, 2019.

2019 composer for Amapola Prada´s performance "Una persona sentada por año se va a", presented at Encuentro de Artes Experimentales 

         of ICPNA, and at AMIL art gallery.

2018 composer on a dance performance Sapiens Rey , a colo piece led by Christian Olivares
2018 triptych piece for accordion, cello and drum machine for series “Ruidismos 3”

         in AMIL gallery.

2017 Original cello solo music for "Monstruo", piece of dance led by Ana Lucía Saavedra and presented at "Microteatro", Lima-Peru.

2016 Music Composer and performer in performance. Led by Kylla Piqueras in MATE museum, benefit dinner for Mario Testino Foundation, Lima-Peru

2013-2016 Author in the Violonchelo Solo Project, an album of experimental music for cello solo.

2010 Music composer and performer at “ExoesqueletoXpartes”, video and dance spectacle about the development of audiovisual techniques. Led by                    A.Navarro. Casa Yuyachkani, Lima-Peru and ICPNA Cusco-Peru.

2009 Music and performer at “Argos & Hermes”, free versión of Greek myth for video and music. Led by A.Navarro. Fallen Angel, Cusco-Peru.

2008 Author and director of the musical fable “Martin en la Ciudad Dormida”, oeuvre for youth symphonic orchestra, Afro-Peruvian percussion ensamble,                choir, folk dance ensamble, video art and actors. The Fable was about the lack of art spaces in the city of Piura, with original music by A.Lavalle.Teatro            Municipal. Piura- Peru.

2003 author of music and performer in collective process of "DOGMA", multimedia show with live music led by Augusto Navarro.


Orchestral Experience and Chamber Music

2019 Conductor and soloist of the UCP Chamber Orchestra and the Loreto Choir for the recording of the suite "Indios Antropófagos".

2017 Conductor, art director and co-producer of “Universidad Científica del Peru Chamber Orchestra” for project "Mozart,Bach & Corelli", presented in four              concerts at main stages of Iquitos-Peru.

2015 Conductor, art director and general producer of “Choir and Orchestra of Qantu Association” for project “Cashuas y Tonadas del Códice Martinez                      Compañón”. The sheet music for this concert were especially transcribed by Flor Canelo from the “Compañón Codex” facsimile and adapted for                      orchestra. Santo Domingo Qorikancha Church, and San Antonio Abad Church, Cusco- Peru.

2015 Conductor, art director and general producer for project “Concierto Latinoamericano” with Choir and Orchestra from Universidad Científica del Perú,              Iquitos –Perú

2014 Conductor, art director and general producer for project “Concierto Latinoamericano”, Choir and Orchestra of Qantu Association in partnership with                Suzuki Association of Perú. Teatro Municipal del Cusco. Cusco-Peru.

2014 Conductor, art director and general producer for concerts “Exposición Sinfónica” and “Concierto Barroco” with the Choir and Symphonic Orchestra of            the Universidad Científica del Perú (UCP). Iquitos-Peru.

2014 Invited to integrate as cellist the National Symphony Orchestra of Peru for an edition of special concerts under the direction of Mstro. David Del Pino.              Lima-Peru.

2010 Musical conductor for “Paqarina” project, concert for choir, orchestra and videoart. Produced by Qantu Association and group “Simbiontes”. Cusco-                Peru.

2010-2011 Member of “Capilla Panamericana” Baroque Orchestra, formed by young musicians from different Latin-American countries. Under the direction                     of Mtro.Gabriel Garrido. Sarrebourg-France.

2009 Admitted as a first cellist to Orquesta Sinfónica de Cusco, Peru.2007-2008 Admitted as a cellist to Orquesta Sinfónica de Piura, Peru.

2006 Orchestral practices at Orquesta Sinfónica CAF de Juventudes de los Países Andinos.

2004 Member of “Beledian” students chamber ensamble. Lima-Peru.
2002-2003 Member of “Amadeus Ensamble”, chamber music educational project run by C.Costa. Lima-Peru.

2001-2004 Forms part of Orquesta Nacional Juvenil. Educative project run by W.Tarazona and also forms part of Orquesta Filarmónica Juvenil. Lima-Peru.


Teacher experience


2020 Cello Teacher at International Suzuki Festival, Lima.

2017 Teacher in cello workshop for Tacna Youth Orchestra Project. Tacna-Peru.

2017 Teacher in cello workshop for UCP University and schools students in Iquitos-Perú.

2018-2017-2013-2011-2008 Cello teacher during Festival Internacional Suzuki de Lima. Lima-Peru.

2014-2015 Cello workshops and teacher trainer at Orquesta Sinfónica de la Universidad Científica del Perú (UCP). Iquitos-Peru.

2014-2015 Cello teacher at Qantu Association. Cusco-Peru.
2008-2013 Teacher and conductor of Strings Camerata of Qantu Association. Cusco-Peru.

2008-2012 Musical language teacher at Qantu Association Suzuki School. Cusco- Peru.

2008-2013 Began the first cello course in Cusco city, at Qantu Association Suzuki School, working an average of 20 permanents students. Cusco-Peru.

2011 Teacher trainer at "Sinfonía Por El Peru" Project in Huaraz, Peru..

2009 Teacher and coordinator of educational Project: Fortalecimiento de Capacidades Artísticas, Presupuesto Participativo at Municipal Government of                   Cusco, Peru.

2009 Music teacher at Tikapata School, Huayoccari. Cusco-Peru.2007 Cello teacher in Orquesta Juvenil de Piura. Piura-Peru.

2006 Cello teacher at Movimiento Nacional de Orquestas Juveniles e Infantiles del Perú. Huancayo-Peru.

2006 Cello teacher at Sor Rosa Larrabure College. Lima-Peru.


Public Performances, Recordings and Works

2019 Recorded a cello solo works for Suite Hedda, NTTS, Una Persona Sentada por años se va a and Conductor of UCP Chamber Orchestra and Loreto                Choir during the recording of "Suite Indios ANtropófagos".

         Cello Solo performance at IQUITOS 

         Conductor and performer of UCP chamber orchestra at concert of classical music, IQUITOS april 2019.


         Cello solo performance at MAC Lima, Contemporary art museum.

         Performance of cello solo and  La FF duet at release of music video Tormenta de Plata, MAC Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Lima-Peru.

         Live recording for the electronic pop band Hertz album Ciencia y Ficción, Cusco-Peru.

         Cello solo concert at Convento Qorikancha, Cusco

         Cello solo concert at MATE, Mario Testino Museum, Lima-Peru

         Cello duet with the argentine cellist Violeta García, CUBIL, Lima-Peru.
         Cello solo performance in Lima Jazz Festival, Lima-Peru.
         Performance of Ricerca, concert of music from Bologna-Italy. Sensualtrip hall, Lima-Peru. Triptych for cello,accordeon and drum machine, “Ruidismos            3” AMIL art gallery, Lima-Peru.

         Performance of Violonchelo Solo album. Sensualtrip hall, Lima-Peru. Performance for national television TV Perú, at “Sonidos del Mundo” series.


         Founded “Sensualtrip” Atelier, space for reflection and research, music label, cultural observatory, production office and concert hall self-financed. We            develop art projects, investigations and pedagogic programs. As a concert hall we produced concerts of contemporary, classical and traditional music.

         Seventeen soloist cello concerts of Violonchelo Solo album, presented at contemporary art galleries and cultural centers in Lima, Arequipa, Cusco and            Ciudad de México including “VIII Bienal de Violonchelo de Lima”, “Umbral”(Mexico), LUM museum and Cultural Ministry of Peru.

         Four performances of “Ricerca Project” about Italian baroque cello solo pieces.

         Nine concerts with “La Lá ensamble”, popular songs project of Giovanna Nuñez in Lima, Arequipa and Ciudad de México.

         Two concerts of “la FF” duet of performance cello and electronic music.

         Participate playing the cello in the film "Canción sin Nombre" led by Melina León.

2017 Performer in "Acoustic sesion for three cellos and harp", experimental music sesion organized by Sensualtrip and Gato Tulipán, participate Vio García              (Argentina), Inkeri Petrozzi (Peru) and Eve Matin ( Peru).

2016 Makes music for the performative act "JOB" for video, composed by the dancer Alonso Núñez.

2016 Recorded cello on the album "Zamba Puta" of "Lalá", songs project of Giovanna Núñez, produced by Juanito El Cantor. Lima

         General producer and performer in Fil Uno: Violonchelo Solo, first cello solo album in Peru. The music of "Violonchelo Solo" was utilized after on three              cinematographic shorts ("P.I.X.A" led by Alvaro Sarmiento, "Nora de Izcue" led by Roger Neira and "Sed" led by Carlos Andrés Rodriguez), three                      exhibitions of contemporary art ("La Nuit de L'instant" by Carolina Cardich, Marseille, France. "He Ahí la Ejecución" by Rhodas CNBL at "proyecto AMIL"          art gallery and "Profecía es Memoria" by José Vera Matos at "80mts2" art gallery), and in two projects of videoart ( "Poderes Ocultos" and "Transmisiones          1" by Jorge Luis Chamorro).

2016 Soloist on didactic concert titled “Excursiones of experimental music”. Centro Cultural Británico.

2016 Orchestra conductor on Eurocirque show, during Cusco tour. produced by Prodartes.

2016 Cellist on Eurocirque show. produced by Prodartes.
2016 Records cello for “Sistema de Som #1” project by brasilian doublebass player

         Felipe Mendonça.

2016 Records cello for album “Muerte Social”. popular songs project by Luis Loz, Plastilina Records.

2016 Records cello for album “Hilo”. popular songs project by Manuel Vera Tudela.2016 Records cello for album “La Casa No Existe”. popular songs

         project by Alejandro & Maria Laura duo.

2016 Invited to "Degenerado" Festival of experimental free improvisation. Organized by Buh Records. Lima

2015 Soloist cello concert at Rhiz Club. Vienna-Austria.
2015 Experimental music concert. Duo with Noid Haberl (cello) at Celeste Club,

         Duo concert with Tarab, concréte music . Club Nulty Priestor, Bratislava-Slovakia.

         Soloist cello concert out of program during "Sanatorium Dswieku" experimental music festival at Sokolowsko, Poland.

         Soloist cello concert at "Tostaduría Bisetti". Lima-Peru.

         Soloist cello concert at "Centro Cultural La Esencia", Cusco-Peru.

         Soloist cello concert at "Huascar", Surquillo,Lima-Peru.

2015 Along with Flor Canelo recorded the music for the documentary “Calvo de Araujo, La Selva Misma”. Documentary led by Christian Bendayán.

2014 Contemporary cello solo concert in "Suchiche Cultural Café", Tarapoto - Peru .

2014 Recorded “Eusapia” from experimental music sesions with Luis Alvarado and Claudio Rebagliatti. Buh Records label. For cello, trumpet and                            synthesizer.

2014 Soloist cello concert at "Matríz Church". Iquitos-Peru.

2014 Recorded cello on the album "Rosa" of "Lalá", songs project of Giovanna Núñez, produced by Giovanna Núñez. Lima

2014 two duo concerts present Klaus Filip and Fil Uno / pure sine waves with acoustic cello. "Irish Pub", Lima and "Qorikancha" auditorium, Cusco-Peru.

2013 Cello duo concert with Anna Seda (USA) at "Dédalo" art gallery and Tostaduría Bisetti. Lima.

2013 Organizes workshop of lutherie with the Canadian luthier Brad Janzen. Cusco-Peru.

2013 Founded "Inmaculada", experimental music quartet. Ollantaytambo-Cusco.2012 Collaborates with "Hertz", video art, electronic and acoustic music                  quartet. Cusco-Peru.

2010 Founded with pianist and musicologist Flor Canelo the "Flor Canelo & Fil Uno Duo" of traditional Peruvian music.

         Concerts in: "Hotel Monasterio" (Cusco-Peru 2011) "Fractal Dragon" art gallery (Cusco 2010-2011). "Conservatorio Nacional de Música" (Lima-Peru                  2011). "Bienal de Violoncello ICPNA" (Lima 2011-2013). "Fundo Orccococha Ollantaytambo" (Cusco 2013), "La Esencia" and "Hotel Palacio Nazarenas"            (Cusco 2015), "vicariato apostólico de Iquitos" (Iquitos-Peru 2015).

2010 Founded with sound engineer Frank Cebreros the duo named “La FF”, electronic experimental music with cello.

         Concerts at "Mama Simona Hotel", "Kokopeli Bar", "Cholos Bar", "Televisión Española", "El Huarique Bar" , "Convent Koricancha" auditorium (Cusco-Peru          2014). "Paraíso" art gallery( Lima-Peru 2015) Victoria Bar (Lima 2016) Cubil (Lima 2017).

2010 Soloist invited for concert with the Cusco Symphony Orchestra at Municipal Theater of Cusco, Cusco-Peru.

2009 Was appointed general secretary of "Asociación Cultural Qantu del Cusco", Cultural association and music school funded by Flor Canelo. Cusco-Peru.

2009 Producer of “Torito Bandido”, album of traditional peruvian music performed by choir and orchestra of Qantu Association Suzuki School, run by Flor                Canelo. Cusco-Peru.

2009 Integrates "Ghost & Strings", experimental electronic ensamble from USA. Concerts in Cusco. Cusco-Peru.

2008 Was invited to Arequipa for a Latin American music concert “Latidos Latinos”, ICPNA. Arequipa-Peru.

2008-2013 As a Qantu Suzuki School teacher, Fil Uno is producer and organizer of approximately thirty-two concerts per year.

2006 Soloist in charity concert, USA Embassy Residence , Teacher Scolarship Fund. Lima-Peru

2006 Joined the orchestra CAF de juventudes de los Países Andinos, Un Canto por el Perú . Lima

2006 Member and organizer of "Encuentro Orquestal Perú-México de Orquestas Juveniles e Infantiles" meeting betwen four peruvian an mexican youth                     symphonic orchestras .Huancayo-Peru.

2006 Producer of documentary about musical education in Huancayo-Peru, directed by Diego Cardich.

2003-2017 Soloist in "Bienal del Violoncello" / Hosted by ICPNA and Conservatorio Nacional de Música.Editions 2003-2005-2007-2009-2011-2013- 2015-                           2017.

2003 Cellist at "Amadeus Ensamble" in III Chamber Music Festival ,ICPNA, Lima.2003 Soloist at "Cellos en Conjunto" of Annika Petrozzi's students, ICPNA,              Lima.

2003 Speaker in restrospective of the painter Mario Urteaga / Fundación Telefónica-Museo de Arte de Lima.

2003 Invited to perform with the OSP (Arequipa Symphony Orchestra), Arequipa- Peru.

2003 cellist in project "Canción Diaria" of the composer Juan Luis Pereira, and cellist alternate in "El Polen", legendary band of Peruvian music led by Juan              Luis Pereira.

2002 Cellist at "Amadeus Ensamble" in II Chamber Music Festival , ICPNA , Lima1999 Performer at “El Cuerpo de Giulia-No”. Interactive mise en scene

         about J.E.Eielson novel. Led by A.Navarro. CuatroTablas Theater. Lima-Peru.


                                                                            Fil Uno May 2018, Lima-Peru