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Violonchelo Solo    (2013-2016)

I    disco solar

II    cordial

III    islas ballena

IIII    desfase

      V    lluvia de plata

VI    expulsión

Composed and performed by Fil Uno 

Cello based on the model of Mtro. Alfredo Del Lungo, built on 2008 by Mtro. Damián Stoppani in   Tucumán, Argentina. 

Strings by Larsen. Larsen is provided in Lima Peru by Intermusica 

Recorded between april 15, 16 and 17, 2016 at DragonVerde Studio on ATR Reel Mastertape in   Lima-Peru 


Sound curatorship and  engeneering: Ing. Frank Cebreros 

Auxilary engineer: Ing. Eddie Plenge 

Technic assistant and reel boy: Ignacio Briceño 

Edition: Ing. Frank Cebreros 

Masterized and analog effects in Bs.As, Argentina By Eng. Mario Breuer 

Graphic Design and arts: 

Youth Experimental Studio (YES) 

Photographers: Carolina Cardich and Adrián Portugal 

Audiovisual documentation : Carolina Cardich, Adrián Portugal and Sergio Vasquez 

Artistic surveillance: Norka Uribe and Lorenzo Ferreyros 

Catering: La Verde Biofactoria , Tostaduría Bisetti and Hannah Baked Goods 


Produced and concept by: 

 Fil Uno to SensualTrip 

Photos: Carolina Cardich & Adrián Portugal

"Violonchelo Solo" short documentary


Filmed by Carolina Cardich, Adrián Portugal and Sergio Vasquez. 

Edited by Adrián Portugal