Mozart , Bach & Corelli
Iglesia Matríz, Parroquia San Agustín, Logia Masónica and Colegio CNI, Iquitos, December 2017


UCP Chamber Orchestra, Iquitos, Perú
Conducting and art direction: Fil Uno
Executive production: Joanna Cisowska and Perla Piña for the UCP Cultural Center.
Production in Lima: Sensualtrip

Presented in four dates, this project involve only classical pieces authentic for chamber orchestra. The repertory included the Mozart Serenade N.13, the Corelli's Concerto Grosso N.8, the Bach's Orchestral Suite N.2 and the Casadesus-J.C.Bach Cello Concerto.   

This concert was a consolidation of this young chamber orchestra as a cast able to interprete integral works of classical music never played before in Iquitos, the main city in the Amazonia.

© Fil Uno MMXX